Vision, values and strategy in brief

Mission By supplementing the financial market and by providing financing, Finnvera promotes the business of SMEs, the exports and internationalisation of enterprises, and the realisation of the State’s regional policy goals.
Vision Finnvera is a provider of financing for growth, competitiveness and internationalisation.
Customer promise Through our know-how and active approach, we help our customers to succeed.
Values Trust, partnership and a focus on solutions.
Desired state in 2020

A provider of financing for growth, competitiveness and internationalisation whose know-how, services and team play produce the best customer experience in the reference group.


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Strategy and goals

Finnvera’s strategy aims at achieving better customer experience, effectiveness and team play. The strategy extends up to the year 2020. 

Implementation of the strategy in 2016

Towards better customer experience

Finnvera wants its customers to experience that their interaction with Finnvera is smooth. We want to find the best solution for the customer’s situation. Finnvera also strives to act and communicate actively towards the customer.

To be able to ensure that we are developing our activities in the right direction, we launched continuous measurement of the customer experience in October 2016. The online survey is conducted for all customers after the financing decision or after the first meeting. The feedback helps us to develop our services and practices.

Finnvera is a member of the Team Finland network, which has the objective of promoting the internationalisation of SMEs. In the past year, the network continued to develop its services. The most concrete form of cooperation was the adoption of the domestic service model. In the service model, the various Team Finland actors see to it that the customer gets all the necessary services available through the network. Also launched in 2016 was a project to create a joint management system for customer data. It will be taken into use in 2017.

In 2016, the Team Finland service model was used to present 373 service proposals to potential growth companies.

Towards better effectiveness

In 2016, Finnvera used EUR 1.0 billion to finance Finnish SMEs and midcap enterprises. Export financing totalled EUR 4.2 billion. Finnvera’s financing contributed to the creation of an estimated over 8,700 jobs.

Demand for Finnvera’s export financing services has risen steeply in recent years. Forecasts indicate that the demand will continue to rise in the coming years as well. In consequence, the Finnish Parliament decided to raise Finnvera’s authorisations to grant export financing first from EUR 17 billion to EUR 19 billion in April and further to EUR 27 billion in December.

To succeed, Finland needs more exports and growth. When the authorisations are raised, Finnvera can contribute to the success of larger export transactions. However, more exports by SMEs are still needed. In order to encourage smaller export transactions, Finnvera introduced both revised and completely new products to the market in 2016. The share of growing and internationalising enterprises out of all SME financing rose from 34 per cent in 2015 to 38 per cent in 2016. Share increased from the previous year by 4 per cent i.e. EUR 22 million.

In order to ensure the vitality of the Finnish enterprise field, it is important to promote the transfers of business to the next generation and other transfers of ownership. To an enterprise, transfer of ownership is often a springboard for growth. In 2016, Finnvera began cooperation with enterprise organisations to raise awareness of transfers of ownership. In consequence, transfers of ownership reached a new record. It is likely that the positive development will continue for several years.

Towards better team play

In August 2016, Finnvera, Finpro and Tekes moved to the same office building in the Ruoholahti district of Helsinki. Working in the same building and in the same workspaces has made it easier to find synergies. Increasingly close cooperation is useful when seeking, for instance, greater efficiency, improved customer service and better work environments. Thanks to the common Team Finland service model, hundreds of Finnish enterprises received a concrete service proposal in 2016 to support their internationalisation efforts. Internal surveys measuring the quality of Team Finland cooperation are used to steer the development of activities in an increasingly positive direction.

A look at 2017

Finland needs more enterprise, growth and jobs, and through its activities, Finnvera has the potential to contribute to the achievement of these goals. Finnvera wants to increase the share of both growth companies and start-ups across the whole spectrum of SME financing. In addition, we intend to continue the upward trend in financing transfers of ownership.

Our active approach towards enterprises is visible. We meet thousands of Finnish companies so that all profitable projects would receive the financing they need.

We want to ensure that clients get the best possible service online. Digitisation of Finnvera’s services will continue to be active in 2017 as well.

We also work actively in Team Finland cooperation so that financing would not become an obstacle in the internationalisation efforts of Finnish companies. In addition, we seek efficiency by working closely in the implementation of Team Finland synergy projects.


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