Finnvera’s clients are Finnish micro-enterprises and SMEs and midcaps operating on the Finnish market or seeking growth through internationalisation. In addition, our clients include large Finnish corporations engaged in the export trade, their foreign buyers, and domestic and foreign banks providing financing for exports.

At the end of 2016, our clients numbered 27,700.



In all, 24,651 of our clients were micro-enterprises. The fastest client turnover is in micro-financing, where the sums involved are the smallest and clients generally have one-off financing needs. About 5,000 of the clients were entrepreneurs who had been granted an Entrepreneur Loan for investment in share capital or for their contribution to a partnership.


In 2016, 2,947 of our clients were SMEs and midcap enterprises.

Large corporates

Large corporates accounted for 0.4% of our clients. Export financing services make export transactions possible and provide protection against the associated risks. Both brand new products and revised products, such as the Bill of Exchange Guarantee, were made available for enterprises in 2016.


The percentage of micro-enterprises among all clients remains high.

Other SMEs and midcap enterprises

11% of our clients were other SMEs and midcap enterprises. Following the mandate received in 2016, our clientele has also included midcap companies that are larger than SMEs. Midcap companies that have been in business for over three years can apply for Finnvera’s Growth Loan for their growth and internationalisation projects.


The more contracts Finnish export companies can win, the better it is for the whole of Finland. 114 of clients are large corporates.


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