Reporting of corporate responsibility

This report contains the basic features of the GRI G4 responsibility reporting guidelines. The information in the report covers the economic, social, and environmental impacts of Finnvera plc’s own operations for the financial period 1 January–31 December 2016. Compared against the previous years, no significant changes have taken place in the data, scope, or calculation limits of the report. Finnvera reports on responsibility annually; the previous report was released in March 2016. The report has not been subject to external assurance.

Essential aspects and the related indicators


G4 indicators
Impact on society  
Economic performance G4-EC1, EC4
Indirect economic impact G4-EC8
Responsible financing  
Bribery and anti-corruption G4-SO4
Political contributions G4-SO7
Compliance G4-SO8
Investments G4-HR1
Product portfolio G4-FS6, FS8
Impact of own operations  
Energy G4-EN3, G4-EN6
Employment G4-LA1
Training and education G4-LA9, LA10, LA11
Product and service information G4-PR5
GRI G4 Content Index
Code GRI content Location Remarks
General Standard Disclosures
  Strategy and Analysis    
G4-1 CEO's statement CEO's review
Corporate responsibility at Finnvera
Reported in part.
G4-2 Key impacts, risks and opportunities Corporate responsibility at Finnvera Reported in part.
  Organizational Profile    
G4-3 Name of the reporting organisation Finnvera in brief  
G4-4 Primary brands, products, and services Finnvera in brief
Financial services
G4-5 Location of the organisation’s headquarters Contact info  
G4-6 Number of countries where the organisation operates Service network  
G4-7 Nature of ownership and legal form Corporate governance  
G4-8 Markets served Clients  
G4-9 Scale of the organisation Key figures  
G4-10 Total number of employees by employment type and contract Personnel and the environment In total there were 353 permanent employees, 338 full-time and 15 part-time employees. In addition there were 23 temporary employees. In total there were three agency workers, one man and two women. Self-employed persons or subcontractors do not perform a substantial part of the work. There is no significant seasonal variation in the number of employees.
G4-11 Percentage of total employees covered by collective bargaining agreements GRI Finnvera’s company-specific collective bargaining agreement covered 355 persons.
G4-12 Organisation’s supply chain Personnel and the environment  
G4-13 Significant changes during the reporting period Strategy and goals  
G4-14 Application of the precautionary approach or principle Responsible financing  
G4-15 Externally developed principles or other initiatives to which the organisation subscribes or which it endorses Responsible financing  
G4-16 Memberships of associations and national or international advocacy organizations Active dialogue with stakeholders  
  Identified Material Aspects and Boundaries    
G4-17 Boundaries for the Group Corporate responsibility at Finnvera  
G4-18 Defining the report content Corporate responsibility at Finnvera
Reporting of corporate responsibility
G4-19 Material aspects Corporate responsibility at Finnvera  
G4-20 Boundaries concerning material aspects within the organisation Reporting of corporate responsibility  
G4-21 Boundaries concerning material aspects outside the organisation Reporting of corporate responsibility  
G4-22 Restatements of information provided in previous reports Reporting of corporate responsibility No significant changes.
G4-23 Significant changes from previous reporting periods in the scope and aspect boundaries Reporting of corporate responsibility No significant changes.
  Stakeholder Engagement    
G4-24 List of stakeholder groups engaged by the organisation Active dialogue with stakeholders  
G4-25 Basis for identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engage   Not reported.
G4-26 Organisation’s approach to stakeholder engagement Active dialogue with stakeholders  
G4-27 Key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement Active dialogue with stakeholders
Personnel and the environment
Reported in part.
  Report Profile    
G4-28 Reporting period Reporting of corporate responsibility  
G4-29 Date of most recent previous report Reporting of corporate responsibility  
G4-30 Reporting cycle Reporting of corporate responsibility  
G4-31 Contact point for questions regarding the report or its contents Contact info  
G4-32 GRI Content Index Reporting of corporate responsibility  
G4-33 Approach to external assurance Reporting of corporate responsibility The report of 2016 has not been subject to external assurance.
  Governance structure and composition    
G4-34 Governance structure and committees Corporate governance  
G4-38 Composition of the highest governance body Board of Directors All Board members are independent.
G4-39 Status of the Chair of the highest governance body Board of Directors The Chairman of the Board is independent of the executive management.
G4-40 Nomination and selection processes for the highest governance body Statement on the Corporate Governance and Steering System  
G4-41 Avoidance of conflicts of interest Corporate governance  
  Remuneration and incentives    
G4-51 Remuneration of the highest governance body Statement on the Corporate Governance and Steering System  
  Ethics and Integrity    
G4-56 Values and codes of conduct Personnel and the environment
Corporate responsibility at Finnvera
Specific Standard Disclosures    
  Disclosures on Management Approach    
DMA Generic disclosures on management approach Responsible financing
Active dialogue with the stakeholders
Good corporate governance
Personnel and the environment
Risk management
  Economic Responsibility    
  Economic performance
G4-EC1 Direct economic value generated and distributed Impact on society  
G4-EC4 Financial implications and other risks and opportunities due to climate change Financial statements  
  Indirect economic impacts    
G4-EC8 Significant indirect economic impacts, including the extent of impacts Impact on society  
Own indicator Jobs created, growth, internationalisation, exports Impact on society  
  Environmental Responsibility    
G4-EN3 Energy consumption within the organisation Personnel and the environment Total electricity consumption reported.
G4-EN6 Reduction of energy consumption Personnel and the environment  
  Social responsibility    
  Labour Practices and Decent Work    
G4-LA1 Total number and rates of new employee hires and employee turnover, by age group, gender, and region Personnel and the environment  
  Training and education    
G4-LA9 Average hours of training that the organisation’s employees have undertaken during the reporting period Personnel and the environment Average hours of training were 11.6 h, of which women accounted for 7.3 h and men for 4.3 h.
G4-LA10 Programmes for skills management and lifelong learning that support the continued employability of employees and assist them in managing career endings Personnel and the environment  
G4-LA11 Percentage of employees who receive regular performance and career development reviews Personnel and the environment The entire personnel is encompassed by performance and career development reviews.
  Human Rights    
G4-HR1 Total number and percentage of significant investment agreements and contracts that include human rights clauses or that underwent human rights screening Responsible financing Reported in part.
G4-SO4 Communication and training on anti-corruption policies and procedures Responsible financing  
  Political contributions    
G4-SO7 Total number of legal actions for anti-competitive behaviour, anti-trust, and monopoly practices and their outcomes   No court cases.
G4-SO8 Significant fines and non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations   No fines or sanctions.
  Product Responsibility    
  Product and service information    
G4-PR5 Results of customer satisfaction surveys Active dialogue with the stakeholders The survey is conducted every second year, the next time in 2017.
  Product portfolio    
G4-FS6 Percentage of the portfolio for business lines by specific region, size, and by sector Responsible financing
Business operations
Reported in part.
G4-FS8 Monetary value of products and services designed to deliver a specific environmental benefit for each business line broken down by purpose Responsible financing Reported in part.

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