Corporate responsibility at Finnvera

At Finnvera, corporate responsibility is an integral part of everyday work. It is manifested as responsible conduct towards all of the company’s stakeholders.

Finnvera’s corporate responsibility concentrates around four overarching themes: impact on society; impacts of Finnvera’s own operations; responsible financing; and stakeholder cooperation.

Impact on society

  • Finnvera has an important social role in facilitating and augmenting Finnish enterprise activities. Apart from the creation of new enterprises and jobs, Finnvera provides export solutions that contribute to the exports of Finnish know-how abroad. The core of Finnvera’s impact on society is responsibility in daily operations.

Impacts of own operations

  • Finnvera strives to minimise the negative impacts of its operations on the surrounding society by means of effective risk management and by paying attention to its ecological footprint. In addition, Finnvera invests in developing the personnel’s skills. This is an activity where employees themselves also play an important role. Business principles steer operations.

Responsible financing

  • In domestic projects, Finnvera complies with both Finnish and EU law. When financing decisions are made concerning major projects carried out abroad, the environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects of the projects are assessed according to international, generally recognised criteria.

Cooperation with stakeholders

  • Finnvera’s network of stakeholders is wide and constantly evolving. It is characterised by an open and active approach. Finnvera cooperates with various organisations over a broad range in order to enable enterprise growth. We keep a close eye on similar organisations in other countries and develop our financial services in step with the changing needs of Finnish companies.

Main aspects of corporate responsibility

Under each overarching theme of responsibility, there is a number of corporate responsibility aspects. Their importance to stakeholders and to business is illustrated by the enclosed materiality matrix for responsibility.

The materiality matrix was implemented in 2015 by interviewing Finnvera’s principal stakeholders. Based on the interviews, Finnvera’s Management Group confirmed the company’s corporate responsibility aspects and prioritised them from the business perspective.

Management of corporate responsibility

At Finnvera, responsibility for corporate responsibility is vested in the Board of Directors and the CEO; implementation is monitored by the Management Group. At the practical level, activities are steered by the principles of corporate responsibility approved by Finnvera’s Board of Directors:

  • For Finnvera, corporate responsibility means adherence to responsible modes of operation in dealings with all stakeholders.
  • Finnvera carries out its mission and strategy in accordance with the laws, regulations, and industrial and ownership policy goals guiding the company’s operations.
  • Finnvera’s corporate responsibility is grounded in the company’s values and good governance. In practice, it is manifested as financial, social and environmental responsibility.
  • The daily tools for acting responsibly at Finnvera include customer-specific policies and guidelines, and a certified operating system that is kept up to date.

Measuring the success of corporate responsibility

Success in responsibility can be measured by the impacts of financing and by Finnvera’s economic sustainability.

Finnvera also measures the success of stakeholder interaction by means of client and stakeholder surveys, which are conducted every other year and are supplemented with event surveys. Continuous measurement of customer experience was launched in autumn 2016. A personnel satisfaction survey is arranged every year.

Case: Finnvera's Code of Conduct was adopted


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