About the annual report

Read about how 2015 went at Finnvera

Finnvera publishes its annual report online. Finnvera also reports on its corporate responsibility each year, including the corporate responsibility report as part of the annual report. Combining the two reports is only natural, as Finnvera’s operations have a broad impact on Finnish business and employment, and thereby on society as a whole. In its reporting, Finnvera focuses on matters that are vital to the company’s operations and its stakeholders, and it complies with the reporting guidelines for state-owned companies, where applicable.

The publication contains several user-friendly tools, including the option to assemble and print a report consisting of only selected pages. This customised report can be either saved as a file or printed.

Finnvera publishes its annual report each March in Finnish and in English. We also publish a printed summary of the annual report in English. The online annual report for 2014 was published on 11 March 2015.

Finnvera drafts its consolidated and parent company financial statements and interim reports in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Appendices to the consolidated and parent company financial statements also comply with Finnish legislation on accounting and corporations.

We hope that you will provide us with your comments and suggestions on the report so that we can further improve it in the future. Click here to send feedback and order a printed summary.


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